The CSO forum Conference

Since 2008, CSO Forum has garnered thousands of CISOs and InfoSec strategists through 100s of events across India. The CSO Forum events have engaged security leaders into an intimate day of information exchange in the form of riveting keynotes, CISO panels, engaging roundtables, and unparalleled networking. An invitation-only gathering, the summit over the years, has attracted the Who's Who of InfoSec leadership.

The riveting agenda of the 10th edition of CSO Forum Summit is also the same: to engage leaders in thought leadership discussions and have them debate and challenge the clear and present dangers of enterprise vulnerability.

However, the difference is in conveying the message that ‘staying ahead’ is no longer an option. Today, the anticipation of threat is an imperative and the best practices are not enough to keep them secure in their digital enterprise journeys. What leaders will need are Next Practices. In a world where security best practices are changing everyday and are extremely difficult to track, these Next Practices:

  • Have a proactive rather than a reactive approach to security
  • Possess new techniques to combat smarter threats
  • Provide a futuristic vision to create a security roadmap

For all this and a lot more, attend the  10th Annual CSO Summit and join 100 leading industry practitioners in an immersive full day event.